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    Masterwood Retrofit

    i put a scheme of what i want to do :

    I bougth a piece of card (Z80, CPU683 68EC020 PLC Tecnos system and input / output) for upgrade my cnc Master Project 323 who's working correctely with his old system under Dos ... but not very easy to use
    These cards was working into a Masterwood Project 309 retrofitted

    I replace old card (68000 named 681) by 683
    and Z80 Si_89 by Si_96

    I wonder if someone could help me to introduce good parameter to make it working ?

    Regards, GLP

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    Re: Masterwood Retrofit

    some photos of retrofit of the Masterwood :

    this new CPU3-2M CPU68EC020-2003-01 (31SFC104640) card

    will replace the older CPU1 (68000) KTC91
    new old

    The old I/O cards (ACCTC90/02) will be replaced by new I/O cards 61SFA300101 (ASSI_CC_2007_01)

    The communication interface Si2.5 is replaced too by SFS10150 SI_96_01 (31SFS101460)

    and RamDisk Card is suppressed because no need anymore

    the software MasterWork drive everything

    To be followed
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Carte RamDisk.jpg  

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