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    Masterwood unload workpiece management

    I wish to unload a work piece midway through a program and turn it over to route the other side. I need stop the vacuum and raise stops and panel lifter, then continue the program once reloaded with vac on stop and panel lifter down.

    I have multiple processes processes going on both sides and by using 1 program I can ease usability and reduce human error.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Masterwood unload workpiece management

    If your running an old Masterwood, your best option would be to split the code with an 'IF' statement.
    #100=0 (front=0, back=1)
    IF #100=0
    (insert front half of code)
    IF #100=1
    (insert back half of code)

    You can switch the vacuum on/off manually, but I dont think you can engage stops or lifters while a program is running.

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