Hi all, I have a Matsuura Mill. MC 760 VX. It's been running like a champ as long as I have had it, but the last week or so we have had problems with the Chiller for the Spindle and the machine will stop working. We end up powering it down for a little then back up and it works fine. We tried adding more freon coolant but it wouldn't take. This morning I came in to start up the machine and I turned the main power on in the back, then once I hit the power on at the controls it just shuts down. I checked around for any breakers that I could find, or any other issues that I could find visually (though I know I don't know them all) and I couldn't find any issues. So I gave it another try, and same issue. Then I went and check the alarms LEDs in the power and the axis control boxes and none popped up. I would appreciate any help or insight! I want to get back to making parts!