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    Matsuura RA3 pallet changer

    I am looking forward to get a Matsuura RA3 from 1991. Machine is in near mint condition, only 608 spindle hours. However it has some kind of pallet changer arm malfunction. It is not connected to pallet on machine table, is lifted as if pallet was to be changed and is completely limp, can move with my finger as if it is not connected to anything, and you can hear air leak from under the table. Apart from that machine is fully functional, smooth and quiet..
    Does any1 have any schematics/images of how this arm is supposed to work on the inside?
    How complicated is this mechanism? Are there any super special parts? Should this be a deal breaker?

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    Re: Matsuura RA3 pallet changer

    The "Rapid Arm" (hence RA) is driven by a rack and pinion on X axis. With no pallet connected the rack is not engaged and the arm can move freely.
    The manuals have an installation procedure. If you need the installation procedure you can PM me and I can send PDF.

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    Re: Matsuura RA3 pallet changer

    first thing that comes to mind is to be sure the sensors are clean and functioning in the pallet bay . Otherwise the pallet will lift but it won't complete the sequence because the mill thinks there is obstruction in the bay . The air under the table is normal when it's lifting

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    Re: Matsuura RA3 pallet changer

    Quick update, I have sourced another RA3G with no such issues.

    However I have question. It says JIS B 6339 40P pull stud, this has 15degree chamfer on pullstud, however, the one in original post was functioning with 45-60 degree pull studs, what angle pullstuds are compatable? I see 90, 60 and 45 degree options at local supplier, and i don't get which ones are one to get?

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    Re: Matsuura RA3 pallet changer

    it's been far too long since I've worked on matsuura to help with the studs but if it is marked on the machine to use those studs then I'd run what it calls for . It's possible the other machine was using improper pull studs

    I see mari tool has matsuura studs with the 15 degree , it might be worth giving them a shout

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