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    Mazak AJV-25/405 Lost positional data

    We are looking at buying a Mazak AJV-20/405 I believe a 1988 year model. I went and looked at it and the owner of it knows nothing about it. It was left in the building he had purchased. It has been powered down for over a year now and it seems to have lost all of its positional data. Does anyone know how one of go about teaching the positions? This machine is older then anything I have ever ran or worked on before so its a little out of my wheelhouse. Any information or manuals of any kind would be appreciated.

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    I remember from 2000, memory battery dying and replaced, the core of the computer was a big red box with 'meldas' printed on the side, it had a 3.5 floppy disk drive.
    A company called 'john hart' (australia) brought a disk and reloaded all the parameters.
    If this exceeds your budget, then replace battery and type in manually all the missing parameters.
    This can be dangerous, perform tests at low rapids with maybe a texta in a chuck, foamblock workpiece.
    Wisdom results from foolishness!

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    Re: Mazak AJV-25/405 Lost positional data

    Thanks for the information. We ended up passing up on the machine, couldn't risk it not working.

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