One of my customers Jared did a retrofit on this mill. Its his 2nd Kflop retrofit, first was on a Bridgeport machining center which he put ac servo motors , But the motors were in great condition on the Mazak and he saved money just by upgradeing the drives.

These japanese machines run high voltage DC 230V DC .. compared to most DC servo machines with SEM motors which run 120-170 volts dc which my Viper 200 handles . The Viper 265 is using 600 volt IGBT 100 amp transistors , compared to the Viper 200 where i use 200 volt Mosfets

Its running step/dir to the Viper drives which are closing their internal PID loop with the encoders on the motors... and he's using the kflop to close a 2nd loop with encoders on the ball screws.

Here is the Youtube Video of the retrofit so far ,

i hope to put part 2 of the vipeo up in the near future.

Larry K