Hello all,

We have a used Mazak QT40 lathe in our shop that we recently acquired. We often use the handle interrupt function to shift the Z offset of the program after the program has started.

We have 5 other Mazak lathes in the shop, and on each of those machines, a small window pops up when the handle interrupt softkey is activated. On this particular machine, when the softkey is activated, the label flickers to indicate that the key has been pressed, but the window does not pop up.

This machine had a number of other issues when we obtained it, the main one was the version number corrupt (random characters), so we decided to purchase a new hard drive and cpu (upgrade to from Win95 to Win2000) from Mitsubishi.

We have loaded the earliest parameters that were backed up on the hard drive and this did not resolve the issue of the handle interrupt window.