I had a fault with a T-plus control. It would not power up.

Led1= solid green
Rest off

Led1=solid green
Led2= solid green

QX 722B:
Led1= solid red (watchdog error?)
Led2= solid green

Re-initilisation was not possible. First i tried replacing the 722 but no fix. I then replaced the whole secondhand QX141 complete with another qx722 and 422 but used my own cartridges. I was then able to re-initilise and the machine started and it ran ok for a few hours,

However on startup today the problem re-appeared! The machine now will not power on with the exact same leds showing. Removing the qx539 or qx524 does not effect the led status. Surly it is unlikely for a spare card to fail this quickly? Something must cause this problem to occur again so soon. I cannot re-initilise the control.