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    Mazak Tech In house - Turret Alarms - Parameter for delay

    Hello all,

    I have a Mazak Tech here right now and we are trying to suss out the source of my 221 alarms (Turret clamp sensor malfunction).

    The nature of the product line requires a somewhat unbalanced turret and my theory is that the programmed delay time between the 'clamp' command and the 'in position' signal from the prox may be too short.

    Does anyone have a parameter list regarding turret operation? Fusion 640T, QT250HP. I'd just like to have it to bring to the conversation since we have a tech available as we speak.

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    AL221 Turret Clamp Sensor Malf probably can happen because Home Position for it is gone.
    and maybe battery's MRJ2 for turret is also drain.

    hopefully this can solved ur problem.

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