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    Mazatrol T-1 Parameter Definitions

    Hey everyone,

    It would be great to get a complete list with the definitions and instructions of the parameters for my Mazatrol T-1 control which is on my QT-20. I have the parameters backed up but I would love to know what all of them mean. I keep finding helpful bits of information for this machine over the years but the answers are often hard to locate.

    Specifically one of the parameters I'm trying to find is to change the dwell time at the beginning of a program?

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.


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    Re: Mazatrol T-1 Parameter Definitions

    Another one I'm looking for is backlash adjustment for x and z axis motors.

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    Re: Mazatrol T-1 Parameter Definitions

    Well if anyone is interested... just from messing around and trying things I found the backlash is the first one on page two, BL for either X or Z. Seems pretty obvious now but I'm still uncertain about almost all the rest.

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    Re: Mazatrol T-1 Parameter Definitions

    Send me an email add. and I can send what I have, par definitions etc.
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