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I did a search and didn't find anything on this -

I have a new-to-me MB19 that hasn't been all that well taken care of, and it has plugged oil lines so I'm going through them all, as well as cleaning the sludge from the clogged ports and ways.

The fittings that lube the X and Y ways and ballscrews are buried under the table, and I'd like to clean the whole thing.

I am able to remove the ball nut from the table bracket, which allows the table to slide freely in the X direction. But I'm now stuck on how to get the table off. The motor mount blocks it on the left, and the bearing 'pillow' blocks block it on the handwheel side (right side). So I'm assuming I need to remove one side or the other, but not sure which side or how. Both sides have some threaded holes with hollow pins of some sort in them, which are angled, so clearly they must be removed before pulling the motor mount or handwheel mount, but I'm not sure how.

Has anyone done this that can give me some direction?

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