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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > MC-3VA OSP5000 m issues
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    MC-3VA OSP5000 m issues

    Any help? Trying to get machine running. Battery was dead, sat 4 years. Purchased 8” to usb convertor, loaded software. Manualy runs. But missing MC parameters. All set to zero. Tried to set timers on power saver, lube times etc. as i am getting alarms on these, but cant change. Set 16.7 to a 1, 9&3 bit 0 set to 0. Followed procedures in book and factory help but wont allow me to change those timers....

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    Re: MC-3VA OSP5000 m issues

    Are you able to set the parameters and they are not taking? yo will need to wait 2.5 minutes before power off in order to let the machine back up any changes. If you watch the BC= counter in paramters, it will show the count. Once it does a full loop, all paramaters are backed up.

    If that's not what's happening, please be more specific on your procedure.

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