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    Mcam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    So I converted my bench top mill to cnc and I got everything working. Heres the issue, I have mastercam 9.1 but cant find the post to make it work with GRBL. I downloaded fusion 360 and that works but I know how to use mastercam 9.1 pretty damn well and not so much the fusion software. I also have many many MANY files already written in mastercam from years ago that I would rather not have to redo in fusion. Does anyone anywhere know where I can find the post to make this work? The re-seller has nothing for me, and master cam corporate couldn't help. Yes I know 9.1 is pretty old, however it still work pretty well for me. Thanks for any help any can offer.

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    Re: Mcam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    Can you compare the file headers from both Mcam and Fusion?The actual motion control instructions are likely to be the same and maybe you could use Fusion to generate a program for a simple square or something and compare it to an Mcam file for the same piece.You might even be able to paste the relevant header onto the body of one of the existing program files.Its quite a bit of work to do it if you have several dozen files,but first you need to find a solution and I know how much the emastercam forum people love questions about free post processors......

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    Re: Mcam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    tried that still gives me error messages but my understanding on this is pretty limited so hopefully someone with more experience than me will help me sort this out

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    Re: Mcam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    How about posting your code here?Just a simple square from both types of software so we can see the actual code differences.

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    Re: Mcam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    did anyone ever create a post processor for GRBL?

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