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    MCG motor with Renco encoder question

    I've just picked up a Hardinge with an Accuslide on it with Fagor controls. Plan to to an upgrade possibly with Centroid Acorn at the heart. Going through the hardware I can't find the specs for the motors anywhere. I looked through the cabinet and can't find an AC to DC transformer either so don't even know if the motors are AC servos or DC servos. Can anyone help?

    Motors are MCG 2243-MTE2911-1

    They appear to be what was used on the GT-27 and MCG appears to be out of business. At least their phone number is disconnected.

    Does anyone know if they are DC or AC and what the max voltage is?

    While I'm asking questions, the encoders are Renco 77822-033 and I found this thread (https://www.cnczone.com/forums/servo...ml#post1206926) where post #25 goes into some detail but if I wanted to hook this up to say a gecko with 5 inputs for the encoder could I even use these or just grab some new ones?

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    Re: MCG motor with Renco encoder question

    Those appear to be DC servos. Why not replace them with modern AC servos from DMM Technologies, looks like 0.40KW units would be about right based on the continuous torque rating of the existing motors. DMM | AC SERVO DRIVE | AC SERVO MOTOR | ROTARY ENCODER These are fully compatible with Centroid Acorn systems.
    Jim Dawson
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    Re: MCG motor with Renco encoder question

    They would appear to me to be AC sinusoidal as the old post mentions a UVW signal, but no commutation pulses you would get with BLDC.
    BTW, they are going for $2600 ea on ebay, re-furbished.!
    Check for 3 power conductors, as opposed to two for DC brushed.
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    Re: MCG motor with Renco encoder question

    Thanks to both for the responses. A suggestion for possible replacement motors was going to be a followup question should I not be able to work these motors out. I was trying to go as inexpensive as possible but I had to get new drives anyway so an additional $300± for new motors is not a bad deal at all. That's definitely on the table.

    I believe these are DC motors as well. There's two sets of black and red wires coming out. On my Hurco, one was power and the other was the tach. Probably similar here.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If I can get these motors to move on the old controls before tearing everything apart I may be able to sell them to cover some costs of new parts

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