I have 4'x8' Mechmate CNC for sale. Machine is in good working order, but hasn't been run in a few months. Can demonstrate capabilities on site if you would like. Moving on to new projects and would like to find this a good home. I'm based out of Southern California about 20 miles east of Los Angeles, and can help load this onto a truck. This machine does have wheels so it can also be rolled onto a trailer. Has only ever cut wood/MDF.

51" x 100" table size, extra room on one end for a 4th axis rotary gantry.
3.5 hp Milwaukee 5625-20 router. Comes with 1/4" and 1/2" collet and wrenches. Bearings have been recently replaced, runs like new.
Dual drive on the long axis.

NEMA 34 Oriental brand steppers
Gecko 204V stepper drivers
PMDX-122 BoB
smoothstepper motion controller
Touchscreen computer with MPG pendant (pendant is currently not installed).
Mach 4 license

Asking $7500

I have a 4.5kw ATC spindle that I was going to upgrade this machine with but never got around to. Brand new in the box, asking $2200. Willing to give discount if bought with machine.

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