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    Melbourne - Bridgeport/Heidenhain Guru needed

    Hi all,

    I'm knee deep in trying to fix my Bridgeport tool changer, the spindle encoder is on the fritz, some days it likes to play ball but mostly it wont.

    I have downloaded as many manuals and the like to try and understand how to diagnose the issue but im coming up short each time.

    Is there a guru in and around Melbourne who could either come and troubleshoot the issue or can walk me through the process myself.

    my machine is a Bridgeport VMC 1000-22 running on a Heidenhain TNC 2500 b



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    Aug 2020

    Re: Melbourne - Bridgeport/Heidenhain Guru needed

    Had a great technician out today to trace the encoder signal,

    first off the machine

    Encoder signal goes to Heidenhain controller card no issues, signal can be seen from the pins on the control board. We can also see the analogue output from 0-10v which incrementally move up as the rpm is changed ie 500rpm = .5v 2000 rpm = 2v and inverse for counterclockwise

    this is seen at the simodrive analogue inputs

    seems the simodrive isnt seeing 0.0v as stop thinking maybe the simodrive is faulty

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