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    Meldas L3 Ladder edit

    Hi everyone,

    We have a knuth numturn 400 with meldas l3 control in it.

    I want to edit the ladder circuit, but I can't find where the onboard edit can be enabled.
    The reason is to make an X/Z switch for the handwheel, because it can be change just in the PLC-SW setup and it's very frustrating.
    The switch is working (electronically), I can see the PLC signal in the diagnostic screen, the next step is to change the ladder, but it show a "not write" message.

    I searched the whole internet (maybe not the whole, but big part of it ) and didn't find a solution.

    I can program PLC ladders so it won't be a problem. I found the coils and devices, saved it via com port, downloaded the whole ladder circuit from the machine, I also wrote the necessary program part on paper. I have everything I need except this little thing... I can't edit the ladder.

    If someone have any information about this, it would be very appreciated. (Mostly with words, but with really nice words ).
    If not a complete solution, but some hints that may help, that would be good too.

    Thank you

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    Did u find a way to do this? I need the same too, it can be great thing if u can help me im really in need

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