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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Mazak, Mitsubishi, Mazatrol > Meldas M3 Stuck in the tool change routine. Need help
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    Meldas M3 Stuck in the tool change routine. Need help

    I finally have (HAD) my running to the point I was ready to try the toolchanger.

    I typed in T1M6. The machine oriented the spindle, toolchanger came in, the drawbar opened. Then the spindle rose up, the carosel rotated about half way around ( From where it was moved 5-6 stations) Then the machine kicked out 1001 error LS24 not ready. I realize now I never put numbers in the tool register before commanding the tool change so no wonder it got lost

    Now I can't do anything. I tried everything I could think of. Hit re-set, power off/ on. Even manually rotated the carousel with the power off. There is a couple things in the manual about registering the tool in the spindle that I tried and still no go.

    I am sure someone else had this happen but so far I have not found anything by searching.

    Please help
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    Re: Meldas M3 Stuck in the tool change routine. Need help

    I would think that in an absolute pinch, you could reinitialize the machine. That should get you out of the predicament. I'd backup all the parameters and macros first, of course, as those will get wiped out. But I think you already know that one! :-).


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