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    Meldas Magicpro 64 + 4th axis

    I use Mighty Viper V950 with Meldas use MDS-B-SVJ2 Amplifiers,
    rotary table with MDS-B-SVJ2-06 Amps. with HA40NC-S motor.

    I have some manual but cannot use them. parameter 1021 cannot change it said "E01 Setting Error".
    Technical support don't want to make deal with it. Very old.
    Does someone has 4th axis with same control system and may be similar rotary, may be can share backup files to check?
    Or may be possible to get M-signal through RS232 to connect mach3 or linuxcnc controller for 4th axis ? I think it called "Drip Feeding"
    Please correct me as i wrong.

    Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Meldas Magicpro 64 + 4th axis

    It would help to know what Meldas system you have installed in the Viper. If it has MDS amps, I know it isn't an M3/L3, but that is about all I can tell from the post.... When you know the Meldas system type, you can search for service documentation on the MEAU support website. Its search capability it not that great, but if you slog through pages of manuals, you may find something that is better than whatever documentation you have now.

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