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    Metal milling machine 600x400x500 with ATC


    ...likes, dislikes? What is wrong?

    Steel prefabricated construction, All milled and ground in one clamping. Dimensions 2m height, 2m width, 1.6m depth. Working space 600x400x500mm, feed 45m/min, electric spindle ISO30 7,5kW 18000rpm. Rotary headstock with the possibility of surface grinding. Weight 1.6t.

    Please comments, questions, criticism

    Thanks Marian from the Czech Republic (Prague)

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    Re: Metal milling machine 600x400x500 with ATC

    It's hard to believe that little motor running in direct-drive mode is going to be able to slow down much or give you enough torque to mill metals effectively. Or is this primarily intended to be an engraving machine?
    Andrew Werby

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