Hi, I'm an electronics hobbyist building the electronic control cabinet for a DIY CNC router project.

Before going any further, I'd like to design it with a proper schematic, which is something I haven't done much of before (usually I just breadboard, trial and error and such). In particular I'd like to plan out the safety and fault handling circuits carefully. After looking for many recommendations I've started with Microsoft Visio, but am having a really hard time getting the connectors to lay out properly--I'm constantly fighting the software.

I've watched every Visio for electronics tutorial I can find on YouTube, etc. but all of them just make very simple circuits. Two questions:

1.) Any recommendations for Visio tutorials that show someone actually making a reasonably complex schematic with custom components, branched nets, etc?

2.) Also if anyone does online tutoring for electronics, I'd love to find an (online) tutor with professional training and experience in the area. I'm loving the learning process.