I have been in the trade now for 10 years and still going. My father-in-law gave me a start running a TL2 lathe profiling industrial wheels. I started out programming right at the controls from day one learning the hard way. Now I can do CAD/CAM without issues at all, also grew into mills up to 5th axis, and lathes with live tooling. I worked in Job Shop for 8 years making everything you could imagine and then some haha. Now I have made my transition into Tool & Die, working more with surface grinders, and a 4th axis Wire EDM. One of the guys I work with and me are teaming up to start a little side venture business. Fixing to order a CNC Plasma, I had put a feeler out and got some crazy feedback. Basically at 50% of people that have messaged me would pay for the first machine. This is Phase 1 of the plan that we have established, and obviously next would be a CNC Mill. Then once we outgrow my shop it will be a big jump, but luckily we have some great connections in real estate.

Just giving a little background and I have been a long time reader of the forum just finally decided to join up.