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    Milltronics - Glentek GA370-3

    I am new to this forum and have researched this problem but can't find an answer, hopefully someone can help, I purchased an old Partner 0W4 mill with Centurion 1 ver 3.93 for my hobby workshop, I have it up and running apart from the Y drive not working, I found the Y drives Glentek card had a burnt out J5 connector, replaced the connector and still no drive, I then swapped the X and Y cards and found the problem moved to the X drive. I am not getting any error codes at this stage.
    After searching for another card which seem to be non existent in Aus I found one on ebay in the States and purchased, when the card arrived I plugged it in and still no drive but now I had an error code "ERROR 449: Emergency stop: Axis drive fault. Reset servo drives or power down". A bit disappointed I contacted the seller in the US explained the situation and asked if the drive was definitely a good unit and if he knew of any checks that I could do, he didn't know of any checks but kindly offered to send me another unit to try at his expense, two weeks later another drive arrived but unfortunately it brings up the same error and doesn't work.
    The drives look exactly the same and they have the same part numbers except my drive has "High Frequency" written on the part number sticker where both the replacement units do not, I guess after all that my question is does anyone know whether the high frequency part will make a difference or not as I can't find any information on this particular subject.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Milltronics - Glentek GA370-3

    Type: Posts; Keyword(s): 449, drive, fault; Forum = Milltronics and child forums

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    Re: Milltronics - Glentek GA370-3

    Thanks, I will do some reading.

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    Re: Milltronics - Glentek GA370-3

    when check for drive faults it take 2 people. one to press the reset button on the front panel and one to watch for a red fault light. there are 4 red leds. depending on which light comes on will tell you what direction to trouble shoot.

    When you get the 449 (drive fault) to the control. the control e-stops the machine (error 450) turns off the CR1 contactor which pulls the power from the drives and the red light goes out. so you have to be really, really fast to do it by your self.

    does the 449 come up on reset or when trying to move the axis?

    The other drives can be checked by install into the X axis.


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    Thanks for the reply sportybob, 449 code only comes up when I plug in second hand cards purchased on ebay, I have tried 2 with the same outcome, these cards don't have the words high frequency printed on them, does this make any difference?

    My old card which has the words high frequency printed on it does not bring up any codes but will not move the drive.

    All drives work if I swap cards around so I'm pretty sure it is the card which is at fault, I have decided to send the card for repair

    I will let you know the outcome

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    Re: Milltronics - Glentek GA370-3

    I have x-y drive Milltronics - Glentek GA370-3
    Must go

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