I have a Hardinge V1000 VMC with Mitsubishi M80 controller. I want to rigid tap.

Not sure what code I need to specify to activate rigid tapping on this machine. My dealer is not very helpful.

What needs to change in the code below? It is only the tapping portion of the program shown.

My post (and experience) is for Fanuc. M29 turns on Rigid tapping in Fanuc. My code looks like this:

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

( TAP 1/8-27 NPT TAP )
T53 M6
G90 G95 G54 X-2.362 Y0.5906 A-90.0 M8
G43 Z3.0751 H53 S470 M3
M29 S470
G84 Z2.2246 R2.6394 F0.037
S470 M3
G91 G28 Z0 M19
N23 G0 G40 G80
G91 G28 Z0