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    Mitsubishi control310m Meldos

    i have one Leadwell TDC 450 Mitsubishi control there is no power om MOP any suggest me to how to connect PD19A POWER SUPPLY


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    Re: Mitsubishi control310m Meldos

    I'd like to help you, but your message is a little short in the details. Can you please describe what your problem is in more detail. I'm not familiar with the term MOP. Please use pictures if that will help.

    If you are saying that you cannot turn the machine on then please let us know if the machine has ever worked, if it is a new machine for you, or what events surrounded the machine NO LONGER working (power spike, lightning, etc). Fundamentally, the main power to the control needs to be on. If you are not seeing any lights on your servo amplifiers, then the main power is NOT on and you need to check your fuses, etc. If you are seeing lights on the servo amplifiers, then try pressing the little switch on the top of the PD19A UP. That is the same as the pressing the power switch on your main console. If the PD19A turns on and the switch on your main console does not have the same behavior, then you have a broken wire or misconnection (did you remove *anything* on the machine?). Pressing the switch DOWN should turn the PD19A off.... The switch should be MOMENTARY, meaning that it is spring loaded and should return to the center position. If this is NOT the case, then the switch is damaged and may prevent the PD19A from turning on or off.

    Connection wise, the PD19 power supply is pretty simple so I'm not sure what issues you are having there. You will need to elaborate (pictures welcomed). Be aware that the PD19A has high voltage on it so you should be careful with it. There are lethal voltage on the terminal blocks that you should be careful around. I addition, if you connect those incorrectly, you could permanently damage your PD19A power supply in addition to other parts of the control/machine.

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