Hi all,

I am trying to run Mitsubishi HG-KR-40B Servo using MR-J3-40A , but I am having issues, My motor is not running in Jog Mode and I am getting an Alarm AL 51. Could any one please guide me about the problem I am facing? Could it be the compatibility issue , shall I change my drive to M$-J4-40A? or is there any issue with my motor, as according to manual AL 51 occurs due to overload. Initially I was getting AL E6 alarm but I have successfully removed it through instructions given in manual. Also, I am applying 24V DC to brake as well, but this error AL 51 is persisting.
Please ,suggest me if there is an issue in motor how could I check it, is there any way to run this motor without driver or any other way to test my servo?.

Any help regarding this issue will be highly appreciated.