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    Question Mitsubishi MV2400 R Taper/Axis movement Issues

    Hello All!, I've browsed around and am having a hard time finding anything related to what I am seeing. Only been working with Mitsubishi's for the last year with 0 prior WIRE edm, despite running running sinkers/cnc sinkers/fast hole machines.

    Issue. Came in to work the z1, z2, z5 value's were not there z3/z4 are(these represent the diamond top/bottom diamond guide pivot points). The supervisor (previous edm machinist) ran over the weekend, Now he has not trained my day guy or I on Taper-Z and I don't even know if we are supposed to adjust anything when just making straight holes. We ran a very basic profile for .5003 holes. When the machine goes to begin cutting into the material the V axis adjusts to .00108 without the program having any commands to trigger a taper burn or define any U/V axis movement.

    When I first started a year ago the monitor screen would show our cutting profiles in a green outline, and after we tried using a ESPIRIT made program to do tapers based off a Model, this monitor screen changed to yellow I have no idea if that plays a factor in this as well, we have had 0 guidance and 0 training and have been winging for awhile. Using a Sodick's HeartNC software to generate the NC code for the profiles, then removing all the Sodick codes and using the mitsubishi's M codes.

    Any help would great appreciated as my employer doesn't seem keen to help.

    - Michael.

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    Re: Mitsubishi MV2400 R Taper/Axis movement Issues

    Z2 , Z3, and Z4 are set when you align the wire and do a taper Z. Z1 and Z5 are set by the operator when cutting a taper or 4 axis program. If you're only doing straight cuts then the Z1 and Z5 have no impact on the part. As for the V moving when you start a program, check the G-code to see if there is any V movement called in the program. In Esprit under "Machining Condition Settings" make sure "Output Z Planes is set to NO" If not it will input the Z1 and Z5 to whatever was programmed, and if you have your part not at table level the values will not be correct.

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    Re: Mitsubishi MV2400 R Taper/Axis movement Issues

    This was alarming to me first time I seen it. I know this is an old post, but this is what its doing for those who do not know.
    The machine is "trying" to maintain a straight cut by adjusting the UV slightly to compensate for wire erosion.
    Its a setting under "Machine Setting > Parameter Set > Auto 3" called "Straight". Disable that and the UV will not move when no taper command is called for.

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