Hello All!, I've browsed around and am having a hard time finding anything related to what I am seeing. Only been working with Mitsubishi's for the last year with 0 prior WIRE edm, despite running running sinkers/cnc sinkers/fast hole machines.

Issue. Came in to work the z1, z2, z5 value's were not there z3/z4 are(these represent the diamond top/bottom diamond guide pivot points). The supervisor (previous edm machinist) ran over the weekend, Now he has not trained my day guy or I on Taper-Z and I don't even know if we are supposed to adjust anything when just making straight holes. We ran a very basic profile for .5003 holes. When the machine goes to begin cutting into the material the V axis adjusts to .00108 without the program having any commands to trigger a taper burn or define any U/V axis movement.

When I first started a year ago the monitor screen would show our cutting profiles in a green outline, and after we tried using a ESPIRIT made program to do tapers based off a Model, this monitor screen changed to yellow I have no idea if that plays a factor in this as well, we have had 0 guidance and 0 training and have been winging for awhile. Using a Sodick's HeartNC software to generate the NC code for the profiles, then removing all the Sodick codes and using the mitsubishi's M codes.

Any help would great appreciated as my employer doesn't seem keen to help.

- Michael.