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    Miyano TSV-31 ATC Problems

    Fanuc 21-M control

    Miyano TSV31 ATC problems

    I’m sorting thru issues with this old cnc mill and I think this might be the last problem.

    The tool changer will only index a half cycle so it stops in between tools, the code is 25 which says to change the sensor which indicates the spindle is up. Going into PMC x1008 bit 5 should change to 1 when sending the metal tab but it doesn’t. Also x1011 bit 1 should also change to 1 which it does, the manual says to check both when metal is near the sensor both should change to a 1 but only the x1011 does.

    If I hold metal to the prox switch and keep
    It there I can manually index the tool changer fine.

    The sensor has a light on it which is also on when indicating metal near it. The prox switch is an Omron E2E-X2D1-N

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated


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    Re: Miyano TSV-31 ATC Problems

    Reading up on the sensor, had a red and green light, red is the operating light and green is the sensing light so I would guess the red light should be on until the metal comes within range? The red light is never on, only the green when within range.

    Time to check the 24vdc power supply?

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    Re: Miyano TSV-31 ATC Problems

    All working now, had to set the correct tool number in the control. I thought I had done that? Well it’s all good now except for the error 500 during a tool change, over travel +Z

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