Fanuc 21-M control

Miyano TSV31 ATC problems

I’m sorting thru issues with this old cnc mill and I think this might be the last problem.

The tool changer will only index a half cycle so it stops in between tools, the code is 25 which says to change the sensor which indicates the spindle is up. Going into PMC x1008 bit 5 should change to 1 when sending the metal tab but it doesn’t. Also x1011 bit 1 should also change to 1 which it does, the manual says to check both when metal is near the sensor both should change to a 1 but only the x1011 does.

The sensor has a light on it which is also on when indicating metal near it. The prox switch is an Omron E2E-X2D1-N

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated


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