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    Modified Post enabling Constant Surface Speed for Mill-Turning

    Not long ago I finished a tool holder to drop in my vise that holds two lathe tools horizontally and provides three vertical positions for either additional lathe tools or TTS holders (for drills and such). I've been using my fancy new tool holder with a fair amount of success but one thing that was driving me nuts was my inability to program using constant surface speed (g96). Pathpilot DOES allow this even on mills as verified through manual code entry through the MIDI. I've attacked this several times without success but today I finally managed to update my post processor to properly handle a tool that is set to use constant surface speed. I've attached my modified post below. There are quite a few other modifications I've made along the way including some additional allowed characters for comments (primarily the / so I can enter fractional tool sizes) and the very basic CAPABILITY_TURNING line. I think I've got a few other mods in there as well for little things that bother me from time to time. The mods to make G96 output properly were pretty extensive and I have only tested this on the machine with a single program but it seems to work just fine. Googling around for something similar I found a few threads here and there with people looking for such a thing but no one actually posting anything for fusion and/or tormach. If anyone does try this out and finds some bugs, please let me know and I will see if I can work them out.

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    Re: Modified Post enabling Constant Surface Speed for Mill-Turning

    Ran a couple real parts today using the new post. So far everything looks good. Next thing I want to try to figure out is how to invert the X axis. Programming in fusion I can make everything look right but I have to move all turning ops into a mirror pattern to flip the direction of the x axis. Of course, despite thinking about this for the last several days, it only just now occurred to me that if I flip the tool holder so my turning tools are pointing X+ instead of X- that might just solve the problem for me. I’ll have to try that out this week. In the meantime, here’s a little video from today: https://youtu.be/5Js1YjJoYyk

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    Re: Modified Post enabling Constant Surface Speed for Mill-Turning

    Found an issue with my post where coolant commands were not outputting if G96 was in effect. That has been fixed in the attached version. I'm also finding a lot of extraneous output surrounding spindle commands and such. I'm pretty sure I know what's causing that but it may take me a while to clean it up. The extra code does not appear to cause a problem, it's just redundant. As an example, when G97 is in effect, the spindle is started appropriately and then a couple lines down it is "started" again with all the same parameters.
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