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    Modifying G code with existing database

    I make windows for historic properties. We're gradually moving to CNC machining all parts.

    I have one simple operation of milling a series of lines (actually coping boards) from X0 to X12 with anywhere from 1 to 12 cuts at various Y coordinates (think cutting rungs on a ladder) the depth is constant so the only thing that varies is the Y position the cut begins. I'll be doing this operation very frequently.
    Since the only variable is the Y, I calculated the values in excel and pasted them into the G-code into the appropriate lines with a text editor. Congruently, I have a fairly robust database, MS Access, that generates all my cut lists based on the window height and width.

    It occurs to me that I should somehow be able to generate the generic g-code in V-carve, save the NC file in Access, have Access prompt me for the the values I need and have it modify the code like a mail merge, then save the file again for use on my machine.

    Does anyone have experience with using a database program to, not necessarily generate the G-code but at least, modify code that's stored in DB files or records?


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    Re: Modifying G code with existing database

    hy i can try to help you ... please share a video with actual aproach ( only flow, no comments ), and then share what you like or not, what you wish for, etc; i need to see

    simple milling a series of lines ... very frequently
    macro ?

    values in excel
    pasted to G-code , text editor
    MS Access ,
    Access prompt
    save the file again
    seems too many steps / kindly
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