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    Morbidelli 1991 U26 Tria Post

    I am having trouble just creating a basic post for the morbidelli u26. Its files are the .pgm I understand how to convert them problem is the post processor I use doesnt make the programs correctly. I have attached a simple 10 inch by 10 inch work piece with 5 inch circle cut in the middle as of how I would write it on the machine. Any one able to make a simple post that can do this exact same thing without adding all the other stuff to a program
    H is the header
    DX is max length DY is max width and DZ is max thickness
    g0 starts router
    g1 moves to next point
    g2 clockwise arc
    g3 counter-clockwise arc
    uses an I and a J to calculate the arc
    v is the feed rate
    s is the spindle speed
    t is the tool
    AB is the field its ran on
    DEF is the tool data stored on the machine
    this machine has a set zero for x and y top left corner is always 0,0 or vice vs. for a mirror on other field DC (top right corner)
    does not need any rapid traverse codes its built into the machine basically when a program comes to an end it stops and basically just moves the z back to a safe z but no special code for that doesnt need any special commands for safe z's

    Any help would be awesome looks like it should be simple as compared to some of the other posts.

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    Re: Morbidelli 1991 U26 Tria Post

    anyone have a program that will convert the xxl file or txt file to .pgm I keep getting unknown line 1

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