Hello dear forum community, I'm new here and need help with my old Mobidelli. I was also a user of the Woodcnc forum and got a lot of great, useful tips. Now I hope for help here.

My problem: During the processing, the tool changer suddenly moves out, although the correct milling cutter is already in the unit. A strange error message appears (I have attached a picture). Then the machine wants to put the milling cutter in the magazine and immediately picks up the milling cutter again, then down again and so on and so on. Now the machine has spun in such a way that my trainee switched off the machine with the tool changer open at the main switch. If I now reboot the machines, the tool changer is of course still open and the machining center cannot be calibrated, I should run in the tool changer. I get into the menu to retract the tool changer, but nothing happens. I can also select the spindle, but the tool changer just won't retract. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? I would be very grateful for advice from you.

Best regards
mini ulmer