Hi Forum,

We have purchased Morbidelli Author 504k for our small fire door manufacturing business. We have also purchased Aspan quite letest software with it.

As many other similar threads on this forum , this unit came with dead battery, but in our case we have all the instructions and files from SCM.
We also had an engineer visit ( ex SCM employee for 10 years ) who have installed the unit, connected pumps, air, changed battery and tried to upload plc/parameters and etc, but struggle to fix these errors.

The unit has accepted majority of the settings, but we have still can not make it to run. I will attach to this thread, Instructions , triaset.dat files, plc program, parameter files and etc just in case someone needs this.

In the zip file i am attaching, SCM has suggested to input I/O Setup Manually if triaset.dat file is either wrong or corrupted. But i struggle to understand the logic and attaching the pictures of I/O setup Screen and Electric cupboard. The Main error is currently "Register Is not Connected Y131" during plc program upload. But there are some other error like 0001 General Emergency, 0602 Air Pressure and etc, but i believe they are not REAL errors and everything is related to PLC upload fail.

We need some help from the person who knows how to fix this. We are based it Bedford , Bedfordshire , UK . If there is someone here from UK who can help, please give me a call on +447542203985 . Alternitively, please reply here.