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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Mori Seiki Machines > Mori Seiki Mills > Mori MV40 w/ Fanuc 10M9B - Err 240 NO EMPTY POT
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    Mori MV40 w/ Fanuc 10M9B - Err 240 NO EMPTY POT

    So I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here - 1988 Mori Seiki MV40 with a Fanuc 10M9B control. We just bought it secondhand and it didn't come with any manuals, so we're a bit in the dark here.

    The machine is fired up, the spindle runs, everything looks like it should. I went into MDI and ran a T1M06 to try and set tools in the 20 place tool changer. As soon as I did, the error came up - 240 - EMPTY POT NOT FOUND. It forces me into an error screen and gives me the pages to either manually change the tool page, or run the ATC in manual mode (Pot up/down and arm forward/reverse). When I try to change a tool to 00 (there are no tools in the machine) nothing seems to change. When I try to move the tool changer by hand, I can move the pot up/down, but I can't seem to move the arm off of home position.

    I've attached a couple of photos below - any advice is welcome! I'm coming from a 2004 HAAS and a Milltronics lathe, so I'm sure I'm either spoiled or just missing something obvious. Any help is appreciated!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tool Entry Page.jpg   Alarm Code(2).jpg   ATC Manual Page.jpg  

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    Re: Mori MV40 w/ Fanuc 10M9B - Err 240 NO EMPTY POT

    Not at all sure of this, but with the Fanuc controls, it needs the M06 first. And possibly use the tool number in 2-digit form, with a leading zero if necessary, and possibly add a second 2-digit number to include the offset for that tool... like M06T0101 (the second 01 would be the tool's programmed offset).

    Hope this helps.
    Holland Industrial Control Service

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