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Thread: Mori Seiki Cl20

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    Post Mori Seiki Cl20

    We just got a new (to us) Mori Seiki CL20 this one has the 21TB fanuc controller in it.
    I have a RFQ to our dealer for a full manual set but that may be a couple days before i receive the quote and manuals ..

    So in the mean time I was going to see if anybody had ideas regarding our issues. Upon Booting up we have two 414 errors on both Z and Y axis "Servo Alarm _ axis detect Error"

    Talking to a Fanuc Rep they said the 414 is caused by error code 1 displayed on the front LED of the Fanuc Servo Amplifier Module(A06B-6079-H207#em). the "1" is a Fan alarm and if replacing the fan doesnt fix it, replace the Servo Amplifier Module. they told me there were 2 fans inside this thing but i have it in several peices and there is only one fan hookup present.. so i dont think the likely hood of the fan replacement will resolve the 414 or the 1.

    On Start up there is also a Mori Seiki specific message of EX1061 "Motor Interruption is abnormal"

    I appreciate any help or ideas!

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    EX1061 is probably from a tripped breaker. Check where the electricians have been, they tend to trip them when they pull wire in to the cabinet. The fans Fanuc is talking about are actually inside the Servo amplifiers. Not a super easy fix, since you need to take the amps out and dissasemble them somewhat. I have only ever seen 1 fan in those myself, and they do have a speed feedback (yellow wire), so the fans are very common to cause this alarm, especially if the machine has been off for a while.

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    I installed the Fan and it took care of the error on the front of the servo amplifier.

    I am still waiting on a quote for a manual set from our local mori seiki vendor. I asked for a price on tuesday and its now friday! they continue to say they are waiting on Japan to get prices to them.

    A new alarm has come up:
    Alarm 300 _ axis needs ZRN
    I know what it is wanting but without a manual im not sure the proper procedure to zero both of them.

    I checked all breakers they looked fine. I found that there is no voltage across the top of the coil to pull in the main contactor that feeds the fanuc PSU. the wire goes back to a circuit board with several relays. I pulled out all of the relays and manual tested them to see if their coils would fire. All appeared good.

    Has anybody ever ordered a mori seiki part and had the quote take a week?

    Anybody know of a manual source b/c right now i have a CL20 paper weight?

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    Manuals always take a long time. The need to look up print numbers in Japan, to get the correct electrical and ladder prints. And THEY WILL BE EXPENSIVE!

    Did you open and close the front door once upon power up? That controls the main power relay. If there is something wrong with the door lock system, it can generate that alarm. As far as the zero return alarm,if it doesn't have zero return switches, you need to go to custom>operator panel>zero point set set to valid. Move the axis by handwheel to align the marker arrows in the machine, about .1 shy of lining up. Go to zero return mode and zero the axis.

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    EX1061 "Motor Interruption is abnormal"

    Having experienced the EX1061 "Motor Interruption is abnormal alarm" on a gantry connected to two Millturns, the alarm appears intermittently at power up.
    After following the ladder back there is no reset. It latches in until turned off/on again. The alarm circuit is generated after checking the power up sequence of the drives.
    The solution we adopt is the tried and tested "turn it off for a hour and try again". Very Heath Robinson I know but it works.

    As for the Al300, its a fairly simple set procedure as described in a previous post.

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    there may be a problem with door interlock switch

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    we have lost the parameters in our machine we had hand written it down by mistake we have forgotten to write down pmc data table
    mori seiki cl 20 A (Fanuc 16T ) pleas help

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