Good Morning,

I am by no means a new Machinists, but am completely new to Mori controls and also to the mill turn side of things. The company I work for Purchased a Mill/turn for a great deal and everything is working good on the machine. Tech did a tool change without a tool in spindle and said everything looked good (I am almost positive he might of just did using the manual ATC function). I have started playing with and getting myself familiar with the control, but for the life of me can not get this machine to do a tool change.

I have not done anything with the tool offsets page or registration as there is no data in there and I am just assuming I do not necessarily need any data just to swap to a different tool. I am using G361 cycle like the book says to do and have what i believe is correct based off of the manuals I have read. Below is what I have been trying and keep ending up with the EX0021 alarm tool unclamped as soon as I press cycle start even if I got the machine in single block. I have tried to locate this alarm but it is a PLC alarm and it does not show it in the book that is included on the control with the alarms listed.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated- Alex

G00 G28 U0 V0
G28 W0
G28 A0
T1001 (machine says tool 1005 is in spindle at the moment)
G28 A0
G361 B0 D1