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    mori sh 630 electrical repair then errors

    mori seki sh 630 with fanuc 16 model c control error code:

    first we had spindle alarms: servo alarm axis torque alarm: spindle servo link start fault

    spindle servo breaker was open, closed it and restarted normally.

    following several x axis alarms being cleared and checking program I have the following which we have not seen before, anybody know what it wants?

    ex 1257 power mate alarm

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    Sorry, didn't see this one, I know it's been a few weeks. Power mate on a sh series machine is for the magazine. 1257 probably means you either lost batteries, or it needs zero return, or both. Some newer machines have a pmm screen to see alarms on the power mate, older ones require a handy to plug in. The red alarm lights should give you the basics in either case. I have the procedure for zero return if you still need it.

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    we also have the mori seki sh 630 with fanuc 16 and got the ex 1257 power mate alarm. We have been trying to zero return the magazine with no success. if you have the have the procedure for zero return of magazine, this would be very helpfull

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    Re: mori sh 630 electrical repair then errors

    do you still have procedure to hand ? if so can i have a copy . have a sh630 with ex 1257 but cant seem to get magazine to reference, custom enter 95 with feed hold flashing data input 122.0 enter 1 lets me jog but cant reference any help appreciated

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    Hi p0dster,
    I'm running in that same issue with our sh630.
    Did you ever fixed that problem?

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    Jan 2021

    Re: mori sh 630 electrical repair then errors

    Hi underthetire, I've just found your old post about the Mori Seiki SH-63.
    My batteries went down and I need the tool magazine reference procedure.
    Any chance you could send it to me ?

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    Apr 2019

    Re: mori sh 630 electrical repair then errors

    please, i have a same problem with our machine Mori seiki SH 630. displayed EX1257 alarm and i need procedure to return reference magazine, if can you help me will appreciate

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