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    Motion Controller Question

    Just got the Sieg X2D last weekend and about to order the parts for the conversion. However I'm still a little confused on what motion controller to settle on, wanting something i can expand on for future use while trying to keep the cost below $600

    This is what I'm currently looking at getting; (I like the option of being able to use Mach3/4 or UCCNC)

    3-Axis NEMA23 CNC Kit (PS 48V/12.5A 570 oz-in KL-5056 Stepper Driver)
    Switching Power 12V/5A 110V/220VAC
    I've read and watched more YouTube videos then i can count, but being new to all of this and the amount of different parts everyone is using I'm honestly kind of overwhelmed. Is the UC400ETH a good choice with this kit with the C10 BoB.

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    Re: Motion Controller Question

    That kit seems like a pretty good deal, and it should work fine for that machine. In fact it's probably over powered.

    I am not well versed on all of the CNCDrive motion controls. I think it just all comes down to input/outputs and price. I have a UC300eth-5lpt and it works great in my machine. I use a MX3660 as well as a C10 Bob. What you have there would probably all work. Skip M3/4 and just do UCCNC. It's dead reliable and is pretty easy to get going.

    There are many pros and cons to using something like a MX3660 versus distinct drivers like you are looking at, but perhaps give the MX3660 look if for nothing more than it could save you some money and setup time.

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