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Thread: Motor Tuning

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    Motor Tuning

    Looking for some help with motor tuning.

    Nema 34 3.5 amp 1600oz/in motors
    DM860A drivers / 2000step/rev
    BL-MACH-V1.1 ST-V2 Breakout Board
    16mm ball screws 5mm pitch - 10160 steps/unit (inch)
    Mach3 Software - Version R3.043.062
    Windows 7 Pro OS

    When I open the motor tuning screen and tune the motors to 50ipm and velocity of 10 in/sec/sec. all the axis's move smooth and motors sound fine. After I save the settings and exit and move any axis the motors sound choppy and not at all smooth. I have tried adjusting everything ipm, velocity, kernel, nothing has helped. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanks for your support.

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    Re: Motor Tuning

    So I have solved my problem! Apparently my PC was not enough to run the Mach 3 software.
    Old PC!
    Dell Optiplex 3Ghz cpu
    1 G Ram

    New PC
    HP 3Ghz
    3 G Ram

    Now I have tuned my motors to 250ipm and it runs like a dream. Motors are smooth and quite.

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    Re: Motor Tuning

    Computer needed more rams....... Baaaaaa!
    I'm using optiplex too, 4gb ram, 2gb pci-e gfx card, but using XP os instead. Win7 is too bloated.
    I have the same breakout board type. I'm suspecting you were you using the on-board graphics chip?.

    What CNC machine have you got?
    I've tried those 1600oz motors before on a PM25 size mill and litterally threw them in the bin. Inductance was terrible.
    Couldn't get above 1000mm/min (40ipm) without stalling or screaming (on 60V).
    I learned the hard way as a newbie

    I changed to some 566oz (on 60V) and the machine flies.
    Cam rapid at 3000mm+ (120ipm) and accel at well over 1000. I'm lmited by kernel. Going to upgrade to a UC300ETH.
    5mm screws, drivers at 3000/rev, motor 600, kernel at 35000.
    (I use mm)

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