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    Moving a 4x8 CNC machine?

    Hey guys,
    I have to move cross country for a new job and will be taking my 4x8 PRO CNCRP Machine with me. Unfortunately I no longer have any of the packaging or the linear bearing block inserts. Do any of you guys have any pointers for moving one of these machines? I’m thinking I have to leave the bearing blocks on the rails?

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    Re: Moving a 4x8 CNC machine?

    I think I would one of:

    1) dismantle ENTIRELY and box up nicely, build plywood crates for the long rails, extrusions, etc.
    2) sell just the long rails and extrusions, and re-buy when you get there.
    3) Sell the machine and just get a new one at the destination. :-)
    4) Ask Avid for their source for some of the more odd sized packaging (cardboard tubes, etc)

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    Re: Moving a 4x8 CNC machine?

    PS. Be sure to package and pad all parts VERY well.

    Never underestimate what 1000+ miles of highway jiggling can achieve through rub damage on things (especially all your custom built furniture).

    Don't ask me how I know this.

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