Any multicam specialist here?

I bought new spindle and VFD for my 2007 Multicam 1000 series.
Old one was 5.0Hp Colombo RV TC 24000 RPM - 380vac and VFD was Yaskawa GPD 315/V7.
New one is Hiteco 7,5HP 29L0213909L spindle (got a good deal) with Rexroth VFC 3610 inverter.

Now I have a problem with this error:

Initializing Spindle
slv 1 Inverter 1 Found, Configuring as Type 36 5.0Hp Colombo RV TC 24000 RPM - 380vac
MODBUS: Timed out, Address 1

I can change spindle type, but there is no Hiteco on the list and all the inv_params are for Yaskava V7 or F7 inverters.
Is it even possible to use other inverter than Yaskava?
Local (Baltics) multicam service doesn't deal with third party spindles and inverters.

Thanks for advance!