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    Multitech 1313 with Weihong NK105 G2 Machine Parameter Set Up Help

    Hello all! My wife and I got into the cnc woodworking business just a little while ago, and bought a third or maybe fourth hand Multitech 1313 4' x 4' wood routing cnc machine. It's worked fine until just a few weeks ago. Long story short, it started cutting outside of its programming and while troubleshooting I inadvertently reset my Weihong NK105 G2 controller back to its default factory settings without backing up my settings onto any storage device. Honestly thought I was rebooting it like a hard reboot on a phone. I identified the likely cause of its cutting issue, which was mechanical in nature. I haven't the first clue on how to re-enter the settings for the machine set up as was done in the factory before shipping. I have reached out to the former owner who did not have any saved settings and didn't even remember the name of the fellow he bought it from!?!, and have also reached out to the manufacturer in China who said they would try to send me the settings, but I've been waiting for over two weeks now with no reply. It's beginning to hold up production now.

    Does anyone by chance have a similar machine, who would be kind enough to send me the settings that I could upload and test to ensure it was in fact the mechanical issue I found and that the controller isn't the issue?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Multitech 1313 with Weihong NK105 G2 Machine Parameter Set Up Help

    1 if your motor is stepper type ,check if loose steps , X Y axis gear box or bascrew hards parts loose.
    2 Weihong NK105 G 2 , if you resetup , XYZ pulse data is important ,need to known XY heclical rack or ball acrews , such as helical 1.25 mode , Ballscrew 2505 or 2510 etc ,then get exact pulse .
    you can also send email to omnisales6@omni-cnc.com or Whatsapp +8618560201508

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