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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > Multus B400W synchronizing spindles (M151)
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    Multus B400W synchronizing spindles (M151)

    I am fairly new to the Multus world, that being said I am trying to do a pickoff from the main spindle to the sub. I need my sub jaws to line up in a certain area on my part. My question is how do I clock my C axis so that during transfer my jaws are located where I want them?

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    Re: Multus B400W synchronizing spindles (M151)

    if both spindles equipped with orientation function ( C axis )

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    Re: Multus B400W synchronizing spindles (M151)

    There are parameters for both the M19 and the M151 relationships. The M151 is “ live” so that once active the spindle 1-2 parameter can be adjusted and you can watch it move as the parameter is adjusted. M19 should be listed in your spindle 1 parameters and M151 should be under spindle 1-2 parameters as a zero offset parameter.

    It is possible to use the C axes as well but it is not how it is intended to work. M151 is for that specific purpose. Once active, you can start, stop, jog, M19 while maintaining the phase angle.

    Note: One chuck must be open until the M151 is active then clamp is possible once phase is achieved.

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