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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Leadshine > MX4660 with UC100 and UCCNC. Need help with output 1
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    MX4660 with UC100 and UCCNC. Need help with output 1

    Hello Everyone.

    I am building my first CNC Plasma table. I am using MX4660 with UC100 and UCCNC software.

    I am currently trying to wire in a 12v relay, I have it wired as follows.

    power supply 12V + to Relay coil +
    Relay coil - to MX4660 Output 1 +
    MX4660 Output 1 - to power supply 12V -

    (I have also tried wiring backwards.)

    In UCCNC I have configured spindle M3 Relay to PIN 17 PORT 1.

    According to everything I read when I press the torch "ON" button in UCCNC the 12v relay should trigger and close the loop between Pin 3 & 4 on the plasma cutter triggering the torch.

    However the 12V relay is not closing.

    What could I be doing wrong here?

    Am I missing anything?

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Re: MX4660 with UC100 and UCCNC. Need help with output 1

    Hello, this is Jason Peng from Leadshine, It seems I had replied your this problem by email,please check. thanks.

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