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IndustryArena Forum > General Maintenance > SERVICE FOR CNC-MACHINES > My T200A Boring Machine spindle can't spin
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    My T200A Boring Machine spindle can't spin

    Excuse me, I Got problem my machine I checked inverter no error notification, but if i push button on UI it's won't spin.i push jog in remote inverter does, I push run from the remote nothing happens. Got ideas fellas ?

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    Re: My T200A Boring Machine spindle can't spin

    Hi, what is the type of inverter? what is the control system?
    many time , when config of inverter is distant remote, local panel command does not enable... parameter inverter lost???
    check wiring command run or enable, take datasheet inverter and search for input run enable forward...etc
    it can be a relay charred, bad contact or many others things....good luck

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