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    Mycenter 4 Spindle Air Oil issue 16i-M

    2000 vintage My4 with 16i-m. Issue started yesterday. It's not a normal Spindle Air-Oil fault that you can reset at the unit itself... This time the power drops to the spindle air-oil unit and the way lube unit both at the same time, and it's always at 2 minutes after power up.

    I checked the pressure switches on the air and oil side, they are fine. However the XIC signal "OILAIR" in the ladder (X0.7) is not made even though the permissives are there to make it...

    I am guessing there is a timer in the ladder somewhere that if it doesn't see that contact closed it shuts power to both units??? I'd expect to just see a fault however? Sometimes I can reset it at the control if I try to jog an axis while pressing reset... but it still times out after 2 minutes and shuts down again...

    So - does it sound like a broken wire or maybe the control relay for the SAO? Is that tied to the way lube unit as well?

    I've already got to work all weekend to get some parts done - if I can figure this out - sooo.....what if I were to jump that signal at the input board? I just need to get these parts done...badly...

    I also have PMC ladder software - I am tempted to take that XIC out of the rung for now....but I really don't want to get into it nor have I tried on a CNC machine (usually just used for Fanuc robots).

    Anyone have this issue before?

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    Re: Mycenter 4 Spindle Air Oil issue 16i-M

    Problem solved. I pulled the spindle air oil pump apart, and there were bits of crap in it...cleaned that, filter was good. Put it all back together. I swapped the spindle air oil control relay (that orange control in the unit) from my Mycenter 3, and also the oil pressure switch because for a period of time I could not get the pressure switch to toggle states...and I was pumping a lot of oil manually...The controller didn't seem to be responding to the timer setting either, but now that I think of it, that could have all been related to the fact that I wasn't building pressure. I had a ***** of a time bleeding the valve block - I think that originally my issue was a hairline crack in the oil line from the unit to the valve block. I'll probably switch the control back then the pressure switch when I get these late parts done that I am now far behind on. Regardless I had one big issue that I didn't catch earlier today as well. Keep Relay K4.4 was off. It was supposed to be on. Looking through the manual and the ladder I had a hard time finding what the AIRCOL bit was, but then saw the K4.4 in the book. Without that keep relay on the air oil system times out at like 2 minutes, and nothing else in the ladder is holding Relay 23 high...so after it times out, power drops to the spindle air oil unit and the way lube oiler. If the machine is being jogged the XIO bit of M100 will hold that ladder true, but when it's running code it has to have the AIRCOL or it will drop.

    So hopefully when I get my parts done I'll put the original parts back on one by one. Unfortunately having that keep relay off, I am not sure if my issue was the controller relay, pressure switch, or a leak. I am unsure who changed the keep relay originally.

    I did also put a gauge between the unit and the valve block so I could see if it was leaking down.... Right after I changed out the line to put the gauge on, it pressured right up and held - so I bet the line I took off had a line leak from a hairline crack, or maybe a leaky fitting?

    I also got a chance to shoot one of the valves and springs into orbit from the valve block... lotsa pressure on those lol... Luckily I had one to use out of the other machine....gonna have to replace it.

    Odd they use plastic lines for such high pressure.

    Anyway hopefully someone will find this useful someday. It made my brain sad for the better part of a day and a half.

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    Hey MBX5,
    Getting an 1013 alarm on MyCenter 3. Reading over you post from a couple years ago about you MyC 4 issue, cleaned everything I could, air pressure holding steady. The only thing I haven't checked is the data cable from controller yet but seeing how the alarm is intermittent I am hesitant to even start down that rabbit hole. Any thoughts on where to look, also haven't really checked the orange contractor yet,but there again seeing that its intermittent I am not convinced its in the power side of things either.


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