I write a lot of post processors for our company.
I get presented sample output and must make a post the does the same or similar
Lately, I have seen a lot that have same as line 155 here.
To me, its a useless pointless line.
Anyone know why its here and in so many others
N130 T1 M06
N135 G43
N140 S12000 M03
N145 G94
N150 G00 Z20.32
N155 G00 X0.00 Y0.00
N160 G00 X20.00 Y20.17 Z5.08
N165 G01 X20.00 Y20.17 Z-1.00 F480.0
N170 G01 X26.10 Y35.29 Z-1.00 F1200.0