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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Navigating diagnosis of Fanuc 11TT for Mazak CNC lathe
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    Navigating diagnosis of Fanuc 11TT for Mazak CNC lathe

    Our CNC machine will not start in auto. Manually I can start the spindle and turrets. But in auto, when I press the start button, nothing is moving and no message, no alarm.

    From the manual I got the ladder diagram showing the cycle start condition. As you can see from the picture, some of the input conditions involved are Y002.4, R014.6, X001.5.

    In the diagnosis screen (Fanuc 11TT control), I can scroll down the page. My attached picture is showing the very first page. It shows 000, 001,.... 035. It goes all the way down to 3000 numbers.

    If I want to look up the status of X001.5, what number do I look at? And also what number for R014.6 and Y002?

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    Re: Navigating diagnosis of Fanuc 11TT for Mazak CNC lathe

    I didn't know that the screen shot I attached was for the machine side status. For the program/control side, I had to switch the mode to the PC side by pressing the NC/PC button. After switching to the PC side, I was able to see the ladder program right on the screen.

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