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    NC Editor - block numbers and columns

    Hi everybody,
    I have question about NC Editor, is there any way to set up CamWorks NC Editor to show block numbers only on the first line of each tool or on the first line on each operation ? I don't want to have block number on every single line. Second question is it possible to export program from NC Editor to txt file in two columns instead of one column? I would like to print it on the paper and have program on in two columns.

    thx for your help

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    Re: NC Editor - block numbers and columns

    I'm guessing you want the actual file output to display the block numbers this way, not just NC Editor? If that's the case, then you need to modify your post processor in CAMWorks to display the block numbers this way. You can do some searching to learn how to do this yourself, but I recommend contacting your VAR to get the post processor modified properly. It is not a trivial thing and can lead to catastrophic errors in your code if you change something inadvertently. As far as printing multiple columns, I don't know if you can force NC Editor to do that. It has the ability to print in multiple columns, but only for multi-column programs (like swiss lathe programs or sub-spindle lathes, for example).

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    Re: NC Editor - block numbers and columns

    I had my VAR create a post for me with N value at each tool change line and the N value matches the tool number.

    Click image for larger version. 

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